Embark is now on Early Access at itch.io.


A deep colony sim in a huge living world.

Inspired by the deep simulation of Dwarf Fortress, the open world survival of Minecraft, and the social interactions of The Sims, Embark follows a group of explorers who find themselves on a strange, seemingly uninhabited planet.



Explore a huge procedurally generated 3D world and meet its inhabitants. Players are not restricted to a single map but can travel across an entire beautifully rendered planet. The world of Embark simulates hundreds of thousands of flora and fauna. Animals or plants don’t just spawn randomly, they have families and life cycles.

Embark models time of day, seasons, screenGrab_2017-03-08_18-21temperature, and precipitation and these conditions can have effects that help or hinder your colony. Crops can fail from lack of water or an early frost. Poorly equipped characters can suffer from frostbite or worse.


Gather a large variety of materials and craft items with an extremely complex hierarchical crafting item system. With practice comes the ability to build better items, smith more effective weapons and armours, and smelt better ores.


Items can consist of multiple components, with each part affecting the items’ effectiveness in different ways. A spear could be made with an iron head and wooden shaft, or it could have a steel head and bronze shaft. Each material has its own in-depth stats. For example; lead makes a poor blade for an axe but makes an excellent mace.


Rebuild civilization block by block.  Embark’s fully destructible world allows you to build anything from small trading outposts to huge fortresses. An intuitive interface makes managing your colony easy. Order your people to build complex structures and sit back and watch as they complete them.


A source of fresh water is critical to your colony’s survival. Build pumps and aqueducts to move water. Give them some free time and characters will write books and potentially teach others their skills. Design luxurious rooms to keep them happy

Characters in Embark are simulated in detail: They get hungry, thirsty, lonely, or tired. They each have their own interpersonal relationships, social status, and personalities. With the game’s focus on smaller groups each member of your colony is unique and important, and you can really get to know your people. Reinforcements aren’t coming, the only way to grow your population is through raising children.

Your colony depends on you. Your management style may result in a cohesive well oiled military machine or a dysfunctional band on the brink of murdering each other. Reward a skilled craftsman with a larger room to make her more productive but be careful, as her friends may get jealous at the “unfair” treatment.


screenGrab_2017-05-23_12-08.gifDefend yourself from multiple threats using a deep combat system which models individual body parts, weapon sizes, character skills, and more. Build the ultimate fort to keep intruders out, but beware! Some enemies can dig, climb, or fly to reach you.


Embark is currently in active development. Check out our planned roadmap HERE, and feel free to join the discussion on our active subreddit.